Temporarily Disabling Credit Cards

July 12th, 2017, 3:45pm MT

Hello friends,

The Issue: We’re unfortunately writing to let you know about an issue we and the whole CBD/hemp extract industry are dealing with, specifically regarding our ability to process credit and debit cards. Over the last few years it’s become increasingly difficult to secure reliable, affordable, and domestic credit card processing solutions, and many accounts are in fact being shut down with funds being held for substantial periods of time. This is happening despite the fact that sales of industrial hemp are legal in the United States per Section 7606 of The Agricultural Act of 2014, better known as the 2014 Farm Bill, and several iterations of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, both of which remain in effect right now (not to mention federal court precedent which protects naturally occurring cannabinoids in industrial hemp).

We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but today we will be disabling the credit card option on our website because we currently aren’t able to capture the charges. Please bear with us as we resolve this issue. We do have multiple new credit card processing applications being processed at the moment, and while they’re not ideal solutions, we do plan to have them up and running before the end of the month.

Current Acceptable Payment Methods: In the meantime, we have several reliable forms of payment that we’d really appreciate you using if you order from us in the near future: eCheck/ACH, checks, money orders, cash, or direct electronic transfers via your bank’s website (such as “Bill Pay”).

Via our website, eCheck/ACH is the only option for the moment. To use the other forms of payment mentioned above (money order, check, “Bill Pay,” etc.) please email or call (9a-5p MT) to place your order, as those options aren’t available on the website itself.

Solutions To The Issue: There is silver lining! This financial issue has become so paramount to the industry that it’s reached the highest levels of government. Less than two weeks ago a group of Senators wrote a letter hoping to ultimately give financial institutions the comfort they need to provide services to the legal industrial hemp industry.

There are also some pieces of federal legislation that were introduced this year that if passed would very expressly protect banks and other financial institutions regarding their engagement with cannabis related businesses, which is great, but quite honestly it shouldn’t have to come to that for Bluebird’s particular sub-industry since industrial hemp grown and marketed pursuant to the 2014 Farm Bill is completely legal and exempt from the Controlled Substances Act.

If you’d like to support our industry’s efforts in resolving this issue, you can call your state representatives in Congress and let them know you’re concerned that financial institutions are hesitant/unwilling to work with legal industrial hemp companies, and that you hope they will help to immediately fix the issue.

Thank you for your time reading this, and again we’re very sorry to have to share this unfortunate news with you. We and many others are working extremely hard to overcome this unjust obstacle. As always, please email or call us if you have any questions. We’ll be doing our best to get the credit card option back up on our site ASAP.

Brandon J. Beatty – Founder & CEO
Bluebird Botanicals

45 Responses to “Temporarily Disabling Credit Cards”

  1. Well that is very unfortunate and will most likely cost you customers and sales. Right now Whole Foods and Earth Fare sell CBD oil and one can pay by credit card.

    It is sad for you and all your customers. The government has definitely infiltrated this arena and will do whatever it can to “fuck” over the distributor and buyer.

    More people now will go underground and make their own CBD oil.

    You have been a delight to work with and I have enjoyed and benefited by your product. I will need to go elsewhere as a result of this horrible and unfortunate circumstances.

    Hopefully your company will be able to remain standing.

    • Hello Antonia, thank you for sharing this sentiment. Indeed it will cost us in many ways. We hope that those who really like our company and appreciate our products will sympathize enough to stand strong with us, and help us by using forms of payment that are reliable for us, instead of bailing ship. Our online eCheck solution is easy and secure. We also take cash and checks. It’s sad to hear this… please reconsider going elsewhere. We have amazing products ready to ship, if you can simply use a form of payment that’s not a credit card.

      Brandon Beatty
      • James P Farrell July 25, 2017 at 1:52 pm

        Hi, I’m new to the FB group page and I have looked at your website as I made a poor choice buying a CBD product without doing the research. So I joined the group and have learned quite a bit. OK, my comment is this, It’s really just a minor inconvenience in the big picture. From what I know about your business and how you’re willing to work with folks that have financial difficulties, you truly provide a great community service, so the credit card issue will get resolved, and in the meantime, we can easily find alternative methods of payment. There certainly is no reason to leave and go elsewhere, but hey, some folks don’t put loyalty very high on their list. I’m not going anywhere, in fact the professional attitude that you present speaks volumes about you, so this makes me want to stay with you even more. Thank you.

  2. Well hang in there. I’ll stick by you and they keep spreading the word things will get better.

  3. Hi Brandon
    I am just about out of my first bottle of Hemp Classic 6X and just encountered the echeck problem with my credit union. I would love to just add you to my bill pay and be able to forward you the money that way any suggestions! Love the product by the way!

    • Hi Wendy, that would work perfectly. If you call or email to place an order we can provide our routing and account numbers to you, and whatever else you may need for Bill Pay (like maybe our email address). Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience!

      Brandon Beatty
  4. Nicholas Arthur Catton July 14, 2017 at 11:59 am Reply

    Will you accept PayPal or botcoin?

  5. When will more product (specifically 6x) be available for purchase?

    • Complete (original and 6x) and Signature (original and 6x) products will all be back in in the next 2.5 weeks, some in less than a week. Our Classic and Classic 6x are in stock, as are our capsules products, vape, and isolates.

      Brandon Beatty
  6. Do you accept PayPal? I’m also not comfortable listing my routing and account info.

    • Hi Ally, unfortunately we can’t add PayPal as an option. If you’re not comfortable with eCheck/ACH you can pay by cash, check, money orders, or by simply doing a direct electronic transfer online. If you call or email to place an order, included with the invoice we can provide you with our routing and account numbers in order to initiate an online transfer, instead of you providing yours.

      And FYI if you did use our eCheck option we won’t see your routing and account number. Online ACH/eCheck is extremely secure, and the institution we use for this complies with all laws related to consumer privacy. The IRS itself uses ACH transfers, as do most other government agencies, for people to pay online.

      Brandon Beatty
      • Hey Brandon,

        Thanks for the quick reply & no worries re: crossing replies.

        I love your company & product but I need to think about this. Providing bank info is still unnerving to me. I don’t have much, but what I have, I can’t afford to lose.

  7. I have tried several times to purchase using the E check and each time it told me that my bank kicked it back. I contacted my bank since I have several reoccurring ACH payments each month and they said it wasn’t a problem on their end. When I tried it there was a 15% discount for using this payment form and now it is gone. Now what?

    • I have has the same problem. My bank says the e-check option should work, but it doesn’t. My only option now according to customer service is to call and then send a check. Yay, lol! It’s unfortunate. I am in tons of pain as I am out of oil. I guess at least I know these products work for me though! 😉

  8. I’m a first time buyer and would like to buy some oil for me and my cat. I was going to purchase by ACH payment but now all the people on here have me scared to. So I’d like to know, how can I purchase by email?

  9. I figured it out . Check the email link you’ve left in your response to Amanda . You have the ,” L”, in botanicals , inverted with the , ” S “.

    Clicking that link won’t work . I’m a new customer , so I didn’t notice the error right off the bat .

    • Aha, got it! I tried sending you an email, and just went through the process to ask permission per your automatic reply. I was trying to send over our bank information and the correct email address as it is working fine. Let us know if you have any other questions!

      Brandon Beatty
  10. I’ve been with you for quite some time. The quality of your product, your integrity and what you stand for, there is no way that I will find another source.

    Thank you and keep the fight going.

  11. We are completely with you. Love your products ! Thank you for doing such great work.

  12. Wonderful products sold by wonderful people. Keep going folks! Fingers crossed recent Senator’s letter finds a sensible way forward.

  13. Im am very sorry to hear about you struggles with payment. I have been using your product for years. If I can ofger any services in NY to help your situation I am more than willing to. Your product has changed my life. I will not sit by and watch it go away to government bureaucrats.

    Christian Olsen

    • Christian,

      Thank you so much for your support. There will be some federal bills that we get behind this year and have a good chance of passing, and having constituents speak up from all over the country will be crucial to their passage. We will provide updates about this through our email subscription list. If you’re not signed up for that, please do so at the bottom of our website, and we’ll keep you abreast of ways that you can help the industry. Thanks again for the kind words and offering your support!

      Brandon Beatty
  14. How soon can you get this issue resolved with paypal or Credit cards? It’s such a big inconvenience for you guys and us as well.

    • We hope to have the credit card option up in a week or so, but it’s hard to say until the application/approval/integration process is completely finished. Regarding Paypal, they have a blanket policy against hemp, and so we can’t use their services until they change their corporate policy.

      Brandon Beatty
  15. I read through all the comments and I see that you will be accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. This is honestly a great thing!
    Please consider other cryptocurrencies because at times Bitcoin transaction fees can be very high. Up to $4.00 or $5.00 dollars at times. I recently purchased some CDB products from where they accept any number of cryptocurrencies. I recently paid with the #5 Cryptocurrency DASH. Much lower transaction fees and faster confirmations on the blockchain. Please look into this.

  16. Please accept Dash as a form of payment.

  17. How about any of the prepaid cards? I have prepaid amex would that work?

  18. Please accept paypal as a form of payment! It can be linked straight from banks without the need for cards! Looking forward to ordering some things for a boss’s wife dealing with terminal cancer!

    • I agree Jaci, I have used Paypal for so many purchases it weirds me out when it;s not an option. But I know from buying Kratom that Paypal have joined in at times with giving some vendors a hard time too.

      • Hi Jaci and Kelly,

        We would definitely offer Paypal if they offered their services to our industry. Credit cards are not just the issue with them, as they have a blanket policy against hemp and CBD. If any company is using Paypal currently, that just means their account hasn’t been shut down yet. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience, and hope this all gets cleared up sooner than later!

        Brandon Beatty
  19. Regardless what happens with processor problems I just want to let you know I will continue to patronize your company. Its unfortunate that you will lose some customer base because of this temporary inconvenience. But there are also many who will continue to keep business as usual and stay loyal to your business.I for one am one of those customers who will stay right here. I’m not going anywhere.

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