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Tea Pollen

Cammelia sinensis
85 grams tea pollen powder

Tea Pollen Products

Tea Pollen comes from the flowers of the Camellia sinensis plant, the source of globally famous green and black tea leaves. The therapeutic properties of tea leaves are well known and documented, but what is less well known or discussed is the incredible potency and therapeutic value of tea pollen. Tea pollen, like pine pollen, is one of the most complex and comprehensive foods in the world. Unlike pine pollen, however, tea pollen doesn’t have testosterone, which makes it even more suitable to the young and old, men and women alike.†

There have been close to 400 different proteins found in tea pollen, making it one of the most complete protein sources ever seen! It also is packed full of the essential amino acids, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, a wide variety of vitamins, and carbohydrates, which is why many believe camellia sinensis pollen is one of the most potent and all-encompassing foods on Earth.†

There is no caffeine in tea pollen, so those concerned with over-stimulation need not be. Tea pollen can be very energizing, but without the caffeine itself.†

The honeybees in China choose tea pollen as their main food source, despite thousands of different choices they have, and this is for a significant reason: it seems to be one of the foremost foods Earth has to offer.†

Our tea pollen is estimated to be 99% digestible (bee pollen is generally estimated at 5%), completely raw, wild-harvested at the peak of the tea flower season, and 100% pure, with no additives or fillers.†


Recommended serving and method of ingestion:
1/2 teaspoon- 1 tablespoon, twice a day or more if desired.†
Tea pollen doesn’t mix too well with water, but it will do the job.
You can also place the pollen on tongue, swish around mouth with water, and simply swallow. You can even just chew, emulsifying with saliva, and swallow the tea pollen; It’s amazing tasting and our favorite way to eat it. You can also add to smoothie, salad dressing (it’s a great thickener), or any other way you see fit.

Additional Comments:
Trying a sprinkle of tea pollen before taking big serving sizes is recommended, as a small percentage of the population can experience adverse reactions.†
Enjoy a honeybee’s #1 preferred food.


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