Setting the Standard for CBD-Hemp

***EDIT*** Bluebird is using Colorado hemp as of June 2017

Kentucky Hempsters

“CEO and founder, Brandon Beatty, launched Bluebird Botanicals in 2012 to help others achieve optimal wellness through various holistic products and healthy superfoods. The following year, the company introduced its flagship hemp-CBD oils – which seemed like a natural fit – and within six months experienced a 2,000% sales growth.

This motivated Beatty and the Bluebird team to shift all focus on developing CBD wellness products, making it one of the first privately owned CBD companies to sell nationwide.

Since then, Bluebird Botanicals continues to set industry standards – from trade language, to quality testing and laboratory analysis – through its commitment to fair business practices, philanthropy, sustainability and the well-being of others.” Read more here:

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  2. Thank you for this high quality product. I cannot be without this for my back pain management.

  3. I need something for my wife’s fibromyalgia. She didn’t like opiates, and needs STRONG medicine as her particular case is extremely debilitating. She sometimes wakes me up screaming out in pain five or six times per night. We’re 53 & 56 years old so it’s not a get high thing. PLEASE HELP MY WIFE GET SOME RELIEF, I beg you to help us!

  4. I have CRPS pain, which developed 18 months after a mild stroke. Pain is neuropathy-like and very debilitating. Can hemp oil handle this kind of pain?l

  5. A question about hemp oil properties: Does it thicken or thin blood? Or have no effect on the viscosity?

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