Product Launch – Hemp Capsules

Hemp Capsules and Companion Oil now available!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve finally released a hemp capsule line – Hemp Extract Capsules for humans and Companion Capsules for pets such as dogs and cats.

Each product comes in two bottle sizes, 30 capsules (+450mg) and 60 capsules (+900mg). Each capsule contains at least 15mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids from CO2 extracted industrial hemp.

Some of you have been asking us to make a product like this for years, and we’re extremely happy to now be offering this hemp capsule line.

Companion Capsules

Hemp Extract Capsules

We’re also excited to re-release our Companion Hemp Blend. It’s a new (more potent) formulation with just CO2 hemp extract based in organic hemp seed oil. Thank you for being patient while we revamped this!

Companion Oil Blend

19 Responses to “Product Launch – Hemp Capsules”

  1. Charles Richardson April 29, 2017 at 3:30 am Reply

    I have prostate cancer. I have friends that sware by smoking the higher contrated hemp with THC that could make you delerious, high or stoned. I don’t drink, smoke or use drugs outside of what my doctors prescribe. And even those I try to limit. How can I get higher concentrations of THC legally?

    • I think you should also try a diet of almond milk, flax seed pills, pomegranate juice, and lots of cardio exercise, and avoid eggs and milk products. I did all of that and I did radiation to nuke out the prostate cells. Mine was very aggressive and I beat it. Before the radiation I actually saw my PSA doubling time cut in half with this diet. Let me know if it works for you too. Throw in the oil too. I wouldn’t bother with the THC

    • Hi Charles,

      The federal legal limit on THC in products is .3%, all of our products are going to test below this amount which is why we are able to ship to all states besides Missouri, Indiana, and South Dakota at the moment. Products that exceed this .3% THC are going to be found in dispensaries in states that have a medical or recreational program.

      Our products test high in Cannabidiol (CBD) and contain a trace amounts of THC and various other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC and CBG, the products are non-psychoactive meaning they will not cause you to become delirious or high like marijuana has the ability to do, due to that high THC content.

      Bluebird Botanicals

  2. Take the oil. It’s healing. Read an article about the oil having cancer. Cells self destruct.

  3. There seems to be so much research yet to be done. Now that investment companies and such see the opportunity for financial gai, I believe the nessasary research will be done soon. Big pharma must be drooling.

    • pattisemail2000-bluebird June 14, 2017 at 9:43 pm Reply

      Big Pharma. That’s exactly what I’m afraid of, if they take this all the way to the Federal level and get it passed that Hemp is legal for farmers to grow. If it’s legal to grow, it will be legal for Big Pharma to snatch it up and regulate it and it will be mixed and synthesized with all kinds of fake stuff and suddenly have a huge price tag – that my insurance company still won’t pay for and I then won’t be able to pay for it. (altho I don’t know yet if it even works, I’ve just gotten my first bottle of Hemp Complete and have only taken one partial dose, but I’m betting on a miracle, fingers crossed).

  4. I should have done a spell check before posting.

  5. Janet Avey Guthrie May 30, 2017 at 9:17 pm Reply

    Thc isn’t what you want for cancer….you want to CBD CBg stuff

  6. Look for YouTube videos from Prof Christina Sanchez – she’s been researching CBD oils and cancer for over 20 years and explains which form to take. I think you need the decarboxylated version (anti acid – it’s been heated to remove the “a”). Good luck.

  7. How does the capsules compare to the Classic Oil? I usually take 15 drops of the Classic two times a day. Would I need to take 1 capsule or 2 capsules a day for the same result?

  8. I have non small cell lung cancer.
    At present I’m taking Uncle Petes 3% thc & cbd.
    I’m looking for CBD oil Not to get stoned.
    I’m 63yrs I had many younger years smoking dope. Now I’m prepared to use oil for my possible cure.
    I want to buy a product that is constant with it’s quality, strength & reliability.
    Do you think you can help? Send to me what you believe I should read & understand.
    By the way , I just went bankrupt & I can’t work.
    I did 6 weeks of chemo & radiation November/December 2016. After my last treatment my body shutdown. I ended up in hospital for 3 weeks & nearly died twice.
    Would be nice if you could help.

  9. Will the capsules be as helpful for a Parkinson’s
    Patient as the silver CBD oil? What is the cost differential ?

    • Hi Will,

      I’m sorry but we are unable to give medical advice. The capsules contain 15 milligrams of CBD as well as trace amounts of CBG, CBC and CBN. In 15 drops of the CBD silver (now called the Hemp Classic 6x) there are 25 milligrams of CBD at a rate of 1.6 milligrams of CBD per drop. So 9-10 drops of the classic 6x will equate to 1 capsule.

      The capsules are $44.95 for 30 capsules (450 mg total) and $79.95 for 60 capsules (900 mg total). The classic 6x in a 1 oz size cost’s $154.95 (1500 mg total in 1 oz bottle), the classic 6x in a 1/3 oz size costs $62.95 (500 mg total in 1/3 oz bottle)

      Bluebird Botanicals

    • Hi Will,

      Thanks for the comment. We aren’t able to make health claims about our products and we do encourage you to research the benefits of cbd online. The CBD Silver (now called Hemp Signature) is a great blend that includes Frankincense extract and black cumin oil. Many people enjoy this product because of these additional ingredients. It has 250 mg’s of cannabinoids per fluid ounce. In the suggested serving size of 15 drops there is 4.2 mg of cannabinoids. In our capsules we have 15 mg of cannabinoids per capsule, so the capsules have more per serving size. The capsules are a full spectrum hemp extract emulsified in MCT oil. If you already know how many mg’s of cannabinoids you take per day it can help you decide which product to get.

  10. Actually rick simpson(“phoenix tears” please research, many people have used) stated that the thc has most of the beneficial cancer fighting ability along with the cbd!

  11. Is there any reason that my dog (50 pounds) can not be given the human 6x or original CBD oil (of course in smaller doses)?

  12. Will you be making the Hemp Signature in capsules? I currently put the oil in capsules every day.

  13. Does the oil or capsules work for insomniacs? If so, what from your line do you recommend?

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