Product Launch – Hemp Capsules

Hemp Capsules and Companion Oil now available!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve finally released a hemp capsule line – Hemp Extract Capsules for humans and Companion Capsules for pets such as dogs and cats.

Each product comes in two bottle sizes, 30 capsules (+450mg) and 60 capsules (+900mg). Each capsule contains at least 15mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids from CO2 extracted industrial hemp.

Some of you have been asking us to make a product like this for years, and we’re extremely happy to now be offering this hemp capsule line.

Companion Capsules

Hemp Extract Capsules

We’re also excited to re-release our Companion Hemp Blend. It’s a new (more potent) formulation with just CO2 hemp extract based in organic hemp seed oil. Thank you for being patient while we revamped this!

Companion Oil Blend

5 Responses to “Product Launch – Hemp Capsules”

  1. Charles Richardson April 29, 2017 at 3:30 am Reply

    I have prostate cancer. I have friends that sware by smoking the higher contrated hemp with THC that could make you delerious, high or stoned. I don’t drink, smoke or use drugs outside of what my doctors prescribe. And even those I try to limit. How can I get higher concentrations of THC legally?

    • I think you should also try a diet of almond milk, flax seed pills, pomegranate juice, and lots of cardio exercise, and avoid eggs and milk products. I did all of that and I did radiation to nuke out the prostate cells. Mine was very aggressive and I beat it. Before the radiation I actually saw my PSA doubling time cut in half with this diet. Let me know if it works for you too. Throw in the oil too. I wouldn’t bother with the THC

  2. Take the oil. It’s healing. Read an article about the oil having cancer. Cells self destruct.

  3. There seems to be so much research yet to be done. Now that investment companies and such see the opportunity for financial gai, I believe the nessasary research will be done soon. Big pharma must be drooling.

  4. I should have done a spell check before posting.

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