Cannabigerol Extract (92% CBG) – New Product

Exciting News: we just released a 92% pure CBG extract – cannabigerol – from hemp!

While it’s not an incredible feat of science to have extracted this compound, we certainly feel it is a game changer for our industry and company. We believe that the launch of this product will create ripples that inspire other cannabis companies to innovate, and inquisitive people across the world to research the many amazing cannabinoids and compounds in the hemp plant.

When we released our first CBD product in 2013, barely anyone knew what it was. At the time, we were one of three companies in the nation selling that type of product on a nationwide and global scale. Now, three and a half years later there are hundreds of “CBD companies” in the USA. While the release of our CBG may not have quite the same impact, we are confident it will make a substantial one. To the best of our knowledge, we are the very first US consumer brand to release a CBG product!

1 gram 92% CBG isolate

Cannabigerol (CBG) in its acidic form (CBG-A) is the “parent cannabinoid” in cannabis from which all the other cannabinoids are derived. Currently, it’s extremely rare for most hemp cultivars to contain any significant amount of CBG by the time of maturation, as the genetics of most hemp plants signal them to convert cannabigerol, via enzymatic action, into the many other cannabinoids. Nonetheless, we have sourced a unique cultivar that has a relatively high amount of cannabigerol come maturation, and we’ve created a 92% pure CBG extract from it.

92% pure cannabigerol extracted from hemp

In the near future, under our new Bluebird Endo line, we will be releasing a +96% pure Oleamide, which is a major human endocannabinoid that was derived from olive oil’s oleic acid (an omega-9 fatty acid). Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Wow! Looking forward to hearing more about this.

  2. What can we expect in comparison to CBD?

  3. How much do you take and how so do you ingest it?

  4. Also interested in how this product is used and the benefits, thank you.

  5. I have osteoporosis. Not using anything for it.

  6. what is its benefits

  7. Details! Please!!!!

  8. As a stage 4 cancer patient for 5 years ,I sure hope this is a light in the proverbial tunnel.☺

    • Hi Tennacres,

      If you haven’t already done so, check out all info on Rick Simpson combo CBD THC and cancer by Googling and researching​ everything you can — including testimonials and personal stories of healing. One caveat he will have to get an RX for Medical Marijuana to try the RS remedy, or watch the Youtube videos and concoct it yourself in the privacy of your domicile;-). I have no first-hand experience, but have recently been doing a crash self-guided course, trying to learn as much as possible about all things have Hemp, Marijuana CBD THC etc, as I too am critically ill with a ghastly degenerative disease that went undiagnosed and untreated and most recently mistreated by an unscrupulous surgeon who butchered and poisoned me. S,’cuse my venting but y’all should read Murder By Modern Medicine! Anyway, the testimonials buy those suffering from advanced stages of cancer and their families, and also by others suffering from a plethora of maladies are impressive — many of whom where refugees from the current protocols of cut, poison, and burn urge on and aided by Big Pharma, in no particular order. Or, some who eschewed all of the former and have been or are going completely alternative as I am, except for some lab tests and scans down the road for the sole purpose gauging my progress. To continue: what I gleaned from those who have studied his protocol and formulary, which he started out making in his kitchen from homegrown plants, is that his concoction contains both Cannabidiol​/THE (way more than 3% of latter — 50:50? Can’t remember exactly what ratio) is that there is a synergistic effect between the two together, greater than CBD by itself that promotes healing and is curative and restorative. Personally, I can share that I have had amazing results alleviating pain and symptoms this last month by taking a 25mg form of CBD daily, (not available yet here at BBs in the same form) in concert with something else I recently discovered called C 60, which I strongly suggest you all check out and research for yourselves. Time will tell by scans whether these two have actually been restorative and/or rejuvenative. Actually, I can say it has already definitely b been rejuvenative. However, while on the subject of self-help, I exhort you all to start taking responsibility for yourselves if you are still functional. Or, for the person about whom you are concerned if they are not. You have to do your own assiduous research and study. And, you have to create digital data files that you organize and refer to re everything from supplements and what they’re supposed to do, which ones work taken together, diet, detox, daily logs, activity, anxiety level etc. Forums, Blogs, YouTube videos, Wikipedia, Health and Medical Websites and FAQs etc, are very helpful, as is sharing with like-minded individuals, comparing resources etc — i.e. what has worked what hasn’t, and even some dosing guidelines. But, the latter will only be a jumping off point as this is very individuated, depending on so many factors such as your age, (how polluted you’ve become over a lifetime of being exposed to pathogens x-rays insecticides heavy metals and our Rx’s) sex, allergies, past reactions, diagnosis, pathogens, symptoms etc. However, what I am finding is that, after a lifetime of exhaustive recounting of my history ad nauseam to literally scores of white coats with stethoscopes, it matters little now except as a demarcation point and understanding how I became so sick in hindsight. Also, history, diagnoses and staging of particular “conditions” I believe are useful only as a barometers by which you can gauge the improvement of your current symptoms and the regression of your disease! Going forward is an experiment where, in my opinion, they don’t matter as they will all be past history since you are creating a new one. They matter only so much as a measurement of your symptoms being alleviated, of their dropping away and eventually to amaze all the doctors when you are miraculously cured somehow! As to the subject of dosing again, I can advise you to start slowly, tune into your body and intuition, increase or decrease as you go based on how you are feeling. For the heck of it take some pictures of yourself as you start! Journal things like your BP bodily functions, energy and pain level etc The good news is, that to my knowledge, there is almost no way to OD on CBD — the danger is to your wallet in that, being very expensive, you may be paying for a higher dose then you need. My own experience with CBD, has been that there was an initial positive feeling within a half an hour and that, day by day I felt better, stronger, and more relaxed. That I had more functional energy, that the pain was greatly alleviated as were many nasty symptoms. However, remember that I have been taking C60 at the same time, along with my own personalised protocol of supplements and dietary practice, which speaks again to individuation. Regardless, for me, adding the C60 and CBD or extremely beneficial as I had previously been just treading water, fighting the undertow. Further my intuition tells me that these two were working together and in some sort of synergy. Lastly, my other feeling so far is that the beneficial effects are cumulative, although some kick in right from the start, it’s going to take time and patience and hard work since my current condition is the result of decades of exposure and assimilation of toxins serious “misadventure the medical profession” — not from self-abuse as I’ve always pretty much tried to treat my body as a temple. This has turned into an unintentional blog. So over and out to Tenn y’all but I urge y’ll to share too for the good of us all! 😉

  9. Would it work for Mets Cancer? How ingested and how often?

  10. Diane Smielewski May 1, 2017 at 8:33 pm Reply

    What are the benefits of CBG oil. Is it more potent than the CBD oil that I purchase from your company.

  11. How does one consume 92% CBG????
    Is it water soluble? Does it require a catalyst?
    Does it breakdown at a certain temperature?

  12. Interested- please advise how this would be taken. I understand if you can’t give a dose.

  13. Oh snap! I have painful spinal stenosis, live in MD where propaganda reads “legal since 2014”. BS. The dispensaries are scheduled to open end of Summer 2017, but I have trouble believing them. Imagine that. I’m taking a total of 60mg morphine/day and it barely knocks the edge off after over three years of the same dosage. Thank God for CBD because I want off of that junk! My MMJ doc said I need equal ratio of THC (out for now darn it), CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG-a. Based on purity I do believe I must give this a try! First I’ve seen on the internet with CBG-a. Bring it on!

  14. I can`t wait to try it!!

  15. It’s most likely used sublingually. I take a Cbd that looks like this and it’s sublingual.

  16. I ordered a milligram scale I’m going to measure out 2 grams. And just put it in my mouth and let it dissolve. For the first time I took a little bit out and put it in my mouth to dissolve it took a little while but it all dissolve. I just took it 10 minutes ago. I do know the CBD oil completely healed my Crohn’s by colon looks great the doctor was amazed.

    • Sharon Klatt did you really take a whole 2 GRAMS of CBG isolate? That’s their largest size at $179 per container, you’d be eating all of it at once. Maybe you meant 2 milligrams or 20mg?

  17. Thomas Kabisch DO MDh June 20, 2017 at 8:32 pm Reply

    Want to reorder CBG ASAP
    Dr Kabisch

  18. Since the CBG is 92% CBG….What’s the rest of it consist of?High amounts of THC as well as Sativa strains give me paranoia,and anxiety,and mess up my mental processes for up to a month. I want to KNOW that if I order the CBD isolate and CBG isolate….That they are products that I can take in safety with NO psychoactive effects. I also want to know they are not derived from ANYTHING sativa.Please email me back at [email protected]

  19. I take the cbd complete and I know from 4 years of dealing with a blood disorder that if I dont take the oil I will well die, my doctor was amazed when my plaitlets went up 18k in 4 days after not being able to get the oil due to them being out,just so happend to look a few wks back and they had 8 bottles of hemp complete and in a wkend I had it and like I said my plaitlets went back up. So if this is better than that I really would like to try it.

  20. Well sorry the Tennessee DEA wouldn’t let them ship here untill some paper work got approved, then they was out and happen to look on day when my Dr was about to put me in the hospital and said hold on let me get oils they have them now and he agreed. Now there almost back to normal in 4 wks

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