Hemp Restore

A unique blend of herbal extracts to keep the appearance of your skin perfect

Hemp Restore Products

We’re now using Kentucky hemp!


CO2 extracted Hemp (+50mg/2oz, +100mg/4oz, +225mg/9oz), CO2 extracted Frankincense (boswellia serratta), steam distilled Amyris, steam distilled Rosemary Verbenone, CO2 extracted Carrot Root, and steam distilled Carrot Seed, all based in an organic Jojoba and Coconut cream.


Apply to dry, aged, or irritated skin twice daily or as needed to restore and rejuvenate skin’s appearance. For external use only.

More about the ingredients

To enhance the appearance of the skin we chose each ingredient for the following reasons

  • Cannabinoids from Kentucky Hemp– supports all skin types
  • Amyris– regenerating to appearance of damaged or aging skin
  • Frankincense– protects and restores appearance of damaged skin
  • Rosemary Verbenone– high ketone content stimulates skin regeneration
  • Carrot Root– high carotene (Vitamin A precursor) and Vitamin E content is nutritive to skin, helps with skin regeneration and exfoliation
  • Carrot Seed– Detoxes the pores, and high carotol content helps rejuvenate aging skin
  • Jojoba & Coconut Cream– Moisturizing, strengthening, and a base for the other herbal extracts

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