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What are each of the 4 products good for?

Home Forums Discussion Forum What are each of the 4 products good for?

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    I’m wondering which of the 4 products work best for anxiety/social anxiety and which one works best for MS?

    What separates each product from the other?

    I’ve used the Brainpower product and my social anxiety was decreased by a lot, I really started to enjoy interacting with people! Before I avoided conversations and interactions.

    I have ran out and looking to purchase more but would like to know what the Hemp Signature, Classic, Hemp Complete and Brainpower are specifically made for?


    If the company could respond that would be awesome too!

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    I would love to know the same thing. I suffer from anxiety/social anxiety at least I know what has worked for you.

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      I ordered the small sample pack and with my anxiety/social anxiety I have found the following by taking 15 drops in the morning, sometimes 15 drops in the afternoon and 15 drops at night before bed.

      With the Classic blend I felt nothing different.

      With the Signature blend I felt nothing different.

      With the Hemp Complete blend I felt an increase in anxiety/social anxiety sometimes and sometimes it helped a bit. I did not care at all for this blend.

      With the Brainpower Hemp blend I felt a decrease in anxiety/social anxiety. This blend has really helped me in social interactions. I feel at ease, not high or buzzed but just relaxed in social situations.

      I took the 10ml bottles until they were empty and then moved onto the next 10ml blend.

      Reading in the forums on people taking CBD oil and testing positive after taking a drug test has me really concerned. My job requires a yearly drug test so I’ve decided to quit using CBD oil til after taking my yearly drug test.

      Hope the information I’ve provided is helpful!

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    I echo your query posts. I just ordered the Complete for myself (110 lbs) for sleep and the Concentrate Sample Pack for a 220 lb friend who was once a competitive athlete, and is in chronic muscular pain from neck, shoulders, back and calves. I’d also like to know which of several of the Bluebird categories are helpful for pain or sleep or anxiety.

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      With my experience the Brainpower blend is the ONLY blend that helped my anxiety/social anxiety. I have not tried the 6x blends, just the standard blends.

      Hope this helps.

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    I’d like to know as well…

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    I am going to test both product lines against my ailments (diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic myofascia pain disease and Lyme Disease), which all involve brain and central / secondary nerve pain disorders with broad spectrum complications, starting this coming month. I will post my experiences here, if Bluebird allows. Of course, everyone is unique, even if we share the same maladies, we have different contradictions and sensitivities. People with my medical problems are famous for giving prescribing doctors fits, because of the mutations of the organisms at the cellular level, such as in Lyme’s, that become immune to medication. Full spectrum Cannabis has been the only thing that seems to tame those little demons and calm symptoms, but I have a negative physical sensitivity to high levels of THC, so am pursuing treatment with the best and strongest CBD hemp oil that I can find. You know … There is no rule that says you cannot mix and match these oil products, and take a combination of different drops from different products per day, like is commonly done in naturopathic medicine. >>> I was born with social anxiety. I am almost 52 years old, suffer from other very debilitating physical problems now, and I interpret it differently now. Whereas it may have been socially undesirable during my schooling and work force years, the social anxiety that motivated me to prefer solitude and pursue meditation to soothe anxious thought patterns acts as a protectant or guard now for other physical disabilities that are triggered by social circumstances like PTSD or fibromyalgia reactions. The body has an intelligence all it’s own, if we learn to listen to it.

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