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    Does anyone have any luck with using CBD for sleep issues? If so, which blend? Thank you.

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    Hi Polly,

    Although some say CBD oil is not useful for sleep issues ( ), I have used it for 1.5 months with solid success thus far.

    I live with Hepatitis C and Lyme, the symptoms of which can negatively influence sleep in some people (true for me). The quality of my sleep diminished tremendously in the past decade and nothing seemed to help without creating additional issues / problematic side effects.

    I use either the Concentrated Signature blend, or the Concentrated Hemp Complete (both seem effective for me). If I had to choose only one, I’d likely opt for the Concentrated Signature blend as the inclusion of Frankincense provides other beneficial supports.

    I take 10-12 drops within an hour of retiring at night.

    The oils generally seem to influence my ability to sleep in these ways:

    – ease the anxiety I often experience, making it possible for me to relax a bit before bed
    – enable me drop off to sleep more easily, sometimes sooner than before as well
    – enable me to stay asleep rather than startling awake at the slightest sound or thought

    Generally speaking, I awake fairly refreshed, feeling as if I’ve had a mostly sound and restorative night’s sleep. This has not been true for me in nearly a decade. My hope is that sleeping more fully will support gains in overall well-being. Lack of restorative sleep is deeply debilitating.

    Having taken it only 6 weeks I cannot say whether CBD oil provides lasting support for sleep issues; time will tell.

    As with everything, your mileage may vary. If you try it, I hope it helps you gain a good night’s rest (or that you find something else that works well!).


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    According to this article ( and specifically referencing the pie chart, which I’ve seen several places, cbg is a helpful sleep aid, so the concentrated hemp complete with cbg and cbg-a should be helpful with sleep. I haven’t tried it yet, but it will be my next purchase.

    I have used the cbd vape oil and find it effective in reducing anxiety and helping sleep. I take benzos to combat my anxiety, and I’m trying to replace the benzos with cbd vape oil. I’ve spoken with other people who are having similar results in reducing their anxiety and sleeping better with the cbd vape oil.

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    I just ordered 2oz of Hemp Complete as I am trying to reduce my thc consumption. I am hoping this help anxiety and insomnia.

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