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Migraine headache relief

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    Hi there, I am relatively new to the idea and use of CBD oil, but have started with the bulletproof blend. My HOPE is that I will eventually feel relief from my weekly chronic migrianes. Any help would be SO appreciated. Thanks!

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    I realize that’s been a while since you posted this, but I hope my experience with my migraines and these oils might be of use anyway.
    I’m taking the Bulletproof blend right now too, and I don’t feel any improvements or lack of severity of my migraines…. yet… That said, I was using the CBD Silver blend before and that one did in fact bring me some relief. Not total relief mind you, but enough that I felt it was definitely helping and allowed me to forgo the toxic meds I normally have to take daily. I’m convinced that CBD oils do work, but the co$t of the concentrated blends makes things difficult for most of us to use on a regular basis.
    Would I use the Silver blend again? Absolutely, yes! (When I can afford to.)
    I’m going to give the Brainpower blend a try next, and see if I can get the same results as I did with the CBD Silver blend.
    Good luck and I send my best wishes your way.

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    I have been taking CBD Complete, .5ml. Morning and at night. I had a migraine a few weeks ago. It lasted about 3 days, the only way I knew was when I would move my head around, I could feel the soreness from having the migraine. It works,

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    My daughter has been using bulletproof – just 2 drops 2/day – daily headache and monthly migraines have vanished. Seizure activity has calmed down as well.

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    I use 1/2 dropper full 1-2x day of the hemp classic. It has decreased my migraines by approximately 80%. I occasionally get a full blown migraine, but severity and length has greatly decreased. I used to get 30 shots of (200 mg) Botox in my head and neck every 3 months to prevent migraines. This worked well, but insurance will no longer cover it. I’ve found the CBD oil to be The next best thing. I’ve had migraines for 40 years. So this is a great find! Good luck! Keep trying!

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