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Dosage of CBD Oil for Terminal Lung Cancer

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    How much CBD oil should a small man in his 70s 5’5″ weighing 130-140 take daily? He has terminal lung cancer with skin cancer complications. He is fading fast. the Drs say they have done all they can and for him to call Hospice in. He has a strong will to live. I gave him my bottle of CBD Complete but I’m not sure how much he should take. I saw a video that said 15 drops held under the tongue for 90 seconds was an average dose. How can I get him the best product and make sure he is taking the best dose> Please help!

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    If you live in a state with mmj get their full oil 900+mg thc/250+ mg cbd per gram, you need this if your taking a last run at the cancer, or even if you want pallative care. To combat the cancer you need him to get to a gram per day if he can tolerate it. You can use Bluebirds 6X oil to get more cbd and to counter the thc high. I used mmj to combat colon cancer, it is not easy to get to a gram a day, it will also help with pain he may be having. If you don’t live in a mmj state I would try any of Bluebirds 6X oil in large doses 15 drops-25 mg and try 200-300 mg per day this may not be able to do much for the pain. For the skin cancer apply it topically. Good luck and my prayers and thoughts are with you/

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