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10 year old with Tourette's syndrome

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    I am wondering where to begin with my 10 year old son who has Tourette’s? We have had him on all kinds of meds for way too many years now and I am ready to try cbd oil. Any suggestions on what to start him on?

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    following… ditto!

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    Here’s what works for my 11-year-old daughter with TS, first, we buy two items and mix them together.

    1. The 9 oz jar of the Hemp Sport cream. It smells nice (which is more important than you think for her), isn’t too greasy, and claims that it’s “warming” but I never found it so. It’s no Ben-Gay, that’s for sure. It does, however, contain about 450 mg of cannabinoids (no THC, fortunately).

    2. The little 10 ml bottle of Hemp Classic 6x (under “Concentrated Extracts”), which contains about 500 mg cannabinoids.

    When you pour the bottle into the jar it will be very full. Pour slowly and stir carefully (I use a plastic fork). Also, the Hemp Classic 6x smells bad and STAINS very easily, which is why we took to adding it to the cream. The total cannabinoid concentration will be approximately 3.7 mg/gram. Rub at least 5-6 grams of cream total (a heaping teaspoon) into his feet (aiming for a minimum dose of approximately 20 mg/day). Apparently, it is Incredibly safe even in this higher dose. We’ve been doing it for months now.

    As luck would have it, we humans have loads of cannabinoid receptors on our skin and cannabinoids do, in fact, get absorbed through the skin (possibly even more efficiently than by mouth).

    This CBD treatment plus at least a tablespoon of MCT oil (sneaked into smoothies or on toast or something) reduces tics and behavior issues by more than half in our child. It’s expensive as heck but oh boy is it worth it! Do you know about MCT oil, ketones and such?

    There are two other treatments to know about as well, if you don’t already. The first is a plant pigment called luteolin (it’s becoming fashionable in the autism crowd for helping behavior issues). The second is, believe it or not, oral appliances (mouth guard-type things). Google Dr. Brendan Stack (a dentist in the D.C., area) and Tourette’s.

    Good luck, hope it helps. I hate how under-represented TS is in funding, awareness, and you name it.

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