February 2016 Update

We have an exciting announcement- we launched our long awaited Topical Hemp Line today!

  • The Topical Hemp Line includes three products:
    • Hemp Sport- a warming sports cream for topical use
    • Hemp Silk- a specialized beauty cream developed for aging, drying and damaged skin
    • Men’s Skin Care- a perfect blend of herbal ingredients to keep a man supremely handsome

*Each product in this line of course contains cannabinoids (Hemp Sport a bit more so than the others) plus a variety of other powerful herbal extracts chosen for their unique properties.

  • Also, our Hemp Vape Blend and vaporizers are back in stock!
  • And once again, we just lowered the prices of all our Hemp Extract products across the board!
  • To celebrate the launch of our Topical Hemp Line (and re-launch of our Hemp Vape Blend), we are running a 15%-off storewide sale for the next week. Until February 23rd at midnight (MST) you can use the coupon code bbb15 for 15% off any and all items in our store.
  • As part of our ongoing effort to legalize all forms of hemp cultivation, manufacturing and trade at the federal level, we are a major sponsor of The Hemp Road Trip (picture below). The bus is running on hemp bio-fuel, and the hemp advocates on board are currently traveling 100,000 miles around the country to visit most key presidential events in the next three months, educate the masses about industrial hemp and its myriad uses, and to garner political support specifically for the Industrial Hemp Farming Act!

Hemp Road Trip – spreading awareness of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.

5 Responses to “February 2016 Update”

  1. Amazing I will be ordering some this month!! I seriously love you guys and the work you do and your products!!!

  2. Do you have things that help people with diabetes cholesterol and arthritis pain

    • Hi Rosalie,

      Sorry but we do not carry any products that are intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. We only recommend our products for general nutrition and wellness.

      Take care!

      Brandon Beatty

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