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Hello everyone! There is a lot going on at Bluebird, and we have some more exciting news to share with you. The three topics we want to catch you up on today are all regarding recent developments in South America. First of all, Brazil, the largest country in South America, is now openly importing cannabinoid-rich […]

Hi everyone! We are happy to let you know (among a few other things) that we just lowered the prices of all our hemp products, across the board. There were multiple factors that lead to this lowered pricing structure. For example, we have increased our infrastructure and manpower to be able to better streamline our procedures, we’ve decreased […]

As with our membership to the HIA (see below), we are also thrilled announce our acceptance as a member of the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association, a non-profit organization who strives to be the premier hemp advocacy group here in the Rocky Mountain area. “Our Mission: To be a premier resource supporting the Industrial Hemp industry […]

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We have some pictures of our travels with brief descriptions on our facebook page (you can also click the picture link below). The farmers and scientists we are working with overseas are doing an amazing job at continually furthering the already amazing quality and analytical capabilities of our Hemp Extracts. Our relationships with these world class […]

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We are truly proud to announce that we have joined the highly respected and integrous HIA, the non-profit association who practically paved the way for all current American Hemp companies to be able to legally function in the domestic hemp market here at home. In 2004 the HIA successfully won a federal court case (2004: […]

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We’re excited to announce that Bluebird Botanicals is going to the Indo Expo Trade Show event in Denver next month. The Indo Expo event will include dozens of different cannabis businesses, lecturers, and supporters, and we’re proud to be included in the exclusive list of participating companies. The main focuses of the event include: – Cultivation – […]

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