Bluebird advertises on Sirius XM and soon national TV

Groundbreaking Cannabis Communications Company Launches First-Ever Hemp Commercials on Sirius XM Satellite Radio

THC Productions, a division of THC Holding Co., specializes in nationwide television and radio advertising for the multi-billion dollar cannabis and hemp industry. 

DENVER, Colorado (September 28, 2016) — THC Productions, a market-share leader in cannabis communications, has officially launched the first-ever CBD hemp commercials on Sirius XM satellite radio.

THC Productions was established by David Maddalena, founder and CEO of THC Holding Co., which is a full-service, cannabis-focused media enterprise. The conglomerate includes national print magazine The Hemp Connoisseur, THC Productions, and THC Entertainment.

Sirius XM advertising segments reach an audience of over 51.6 million people with 3.7 million square miles of coast to coast radio coverage, and an additional 200 miles off shore. By land, air, or sea, Sirius XM’s national impact aligned with THC Productions’ client-marketing goals.

The hemp commercials, which have been airing since September 12, feature Bluebird Botanicals, a company specializing in hemp extracts, super-foods, and other botanical supplements. Bluebird Botanicals sources European and Kentucky-grown hemp to produce its premium extracts that are shipped worldwide.

Based in Colorado, Bluebird Botanicals is the preeminent leader in eco-friendly and people-friendly all-natural hemp products. Founder and CEO Brandon Beatty realized it was necessary to expand his company’s presence in order to keep up with industry growth and to remain an industry leader.

“Unlike marijuana, hemp covers a full spectrum of industries beyond healthcare and on an international scale. Our broad, wholesale and retail markets demanded a dynamic advertising strategy and THC Productions had the ability and expertise to provide that media-mix.”

brandon-beatty-bluebird-botanicalsBrandon Beatty, CEO of Bluebird Botanicals

The partnership between THC Productions and Bluebird Botanicals is an advertising milestone that has set a new precedent for future cannabis focused media. Already, the two companies are in the stages of finalizing commercial contracts with several high-profile television networks.

With five states set to vote on adult use marijuana in November, THC Productions have already begun to integrate cannabis media into mainstream consumer culture.

For more information on THC Holding Co., call (719)-963-1226.

About THC Holding Co.

THC Holding Co. is dedicated to providing innovative and comprehensive multimedia advertising outlets for the cannabis industry. The company includes: national print magazine The Hemp Connoisseur, a two-time winner of “Best Cannabis Publication” by the Cannabis Business Awards, THC Productions, and THC Entertainment.  THC Holding Co. enlightens and educates audiences on the many benefits and uses of both marijuana and commercial hemp. It strives to elevate the image of the cannabis industry and consumer alike by providing mature, in-depth journalism with a foundation of editorial integrity.

Source: THC Holding Co.

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  2. Wow! So much has happened with this great company!!!! Any plans for a line of CBD-enriched pet treats/meds? If so, I’d like information on private label accounts. Thanks! I just LOVE you, Bluebird Botanicals!!!

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  4. Do you still make “Silk” and the brain CBD? Thanks.

  5. Do you have a price list and do you do paste and do you deliver to UK. I. Am 68

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