We’re now using Kentucky hemp!

Bluebird Botanicals is now proudly using hemp grown in Kentucky

In the early Spring of 2016, Bluebird partnered with farmers in Kentucky to organically grow a few dozen acres of cannabinoid-rich hemp for us. The harvesting and extracting is nearly complete, and we’ve begun to use the extracts in our products!

We are an approved “Buyer” through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s hemp pilot program, which is wholly compliant with Section 7606 of the Agricultural Appropriations Act of 2014, better known as the 2014 Farm Bill that was signed into law by President Obama in February of 2014.

In the USA, the legal definition of hemp is: “INDUSTRIAL HEMP — The term ‘‘industrial hemp’’ means the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of such plant, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.” This means it’s now legal to grow hemp in the USA and that processors can legally use the trichome rich flowers to create hemp products, if done pursuant to the 2014 Farm Bill.

Here are some photos of our beautiful Kentucky hemp plants from this year’s growing season!

Trichome-rich Kentucky hemp flower

Greenhouse clones

For the time being, we are using both European and American grown hemp. For domestic sales, we plan to fully transition away from European grown this year.

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  1. What about the DEA’s reclassification? Will it still be legal to purchase hemp products from your store next month? I live in Texas.

    • Hello Angelina,

      Yes, it will still be legal to purchase our products all around the nation next month. There’s been a lot of bad reporting about this, and some drastic conclusions were made by the press that are simply false. Contrary to what many think, the new DEA ruling does not include hemp-derived CBD, but only cannabinoids derived from marijuana. A DEA spokesperson even said this to Forbes when asked about it: “The FRN published earlier this week did not have anything to do with re-scheduling CBD or anything at all to do with hemp.” Even if the DEA was trying to target hemp CBD (which they’re not), they didn’t carry out a formal scheduling, which is absolutely necessary if they’re to add anything to the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). They have no authority to create laws, only to enforce them, and fortunately we have the law on our side. Section 7606 of the 2014 Agricultural Act of 2014 (AKA the 2014 Farm Bill) exempted from the CSA “all parts of the plant” with under .3% THC concentration, if grown pursuant to this bill. This means CBD, CBG, CBN, terpenes, flavonoids, and all the other molecules in cannabis flowers are federally legal to extract and sell if done pursuant to this bill.

      In addition to the 2014 Farm Bill, the HIA vs. DEA 2004 federal court case in the 9th district enjoined the DEA from attempting to regulate naturally occurring cannabinoids from certain forms of non-psychoactive hemp. The DEA scheduled synthetic THC and also “marihuana,” but it was never Congress’s intent to schedule non-psychoactive hemp, and this was reiterated in the final ruling of this court case. I hope this helps give some real clarity!

      Here’s a public 7 page analysis from one of the best hemp attorneys in the nation-

      Here’s a Forbes article that while not perfect, is still much more accurate than some of the stories being spread around-

      So, the hemp industry will be happily and legally continuing business as usual. Have a great day!!

      Brandon Beatty
  2. Is this organic?

  3. Thank you Brandon for posting the in-depth info on this. So appreciated.

  4. can you ship this to the UK?!

  5. Brandon, I am glad to hear Kentucky has got their rights back. So pissed about the false news BECAUSE IT CAUSED A LOT OF “oh shit” STRESS! thank you for clearing it up.. as a huge advocate and have sent 5 people to B-B w/ all positive results & they’re reorders Prove they are super happy because on a disability check, if it doesn’t do wonders, then it’s a one & done deal just to save money cause things are tight. Really appreciate your generosity and also your appreciation to those people. Bluebird-botanicals changes lives. I got into a bedridden situation and had switched sides of the bed & CBD COMPLETE was on the other nightstand on the other side of the bed and I started feeling worse and worse and realize how much the CBD COMPLETE oil has Improved the quality of life and that’s hard with the most painful condition known to man. (CRPS).. HERES MY BIG WORRY. WHEN YOU SOURCED THE HEMP FROM 3 or THE EU CERTIFIED WAY. THERE WAS TERPENES FROM OTHER REGIONS AND DIFFERNT TERPENES FROM 3 different areas and types of Hemp from all over. ARE THE KENTUCKY GROW GONNA OFFER MULTIPLE STRAINS OF HEMP TO MAX THE TERPENES. it’s cause I tried hemp extract than the 6x hemp. I was happy and had got some noticeable relief. Tried Brainpower and was ok but when I tried the CBD COMPLETE, IT WAS LIKE I HIT THE JACKPOT. Having a degenerative nerve condition that’s extremely rare &a AWESOME . I hope they have multiple regions of cannabis/hemp growing in Kentucky.i think there is gonna be an increase in quality growing in big tall bushes w/ space around them w/ Gaia’s rays.. because the first fields had healthy tops but was planted so close together which is good for shoes and rope. Also the Dutch use the benefit of the straight down root system and the closeness that cannabis/hemp will grow to solve erosion and flooding.. There’s so much these plants can do but these big companies are super threatened by the compounds in the plant, Then on he flip side the plant structure does so much, that it intimidates a vast array of many companies. Thank you so much for doing this. Again The question is Kentucky doing multiple types of hemp to max the terpenes. Some terpenes in some strains has been labeled not from earth. The double extraction methods is the way to go. Can’t wait to try USA HEMP

    • Hey Mark, thanks for all the awesome thoughts! Regarding the Hemp Complete in particular, that formulation will always use 3 hemp extracts- decarboxylated (heated, i.e. CBD) extract, non-decarbed (raw, i.e. CBD-A), and a steam distilled terpene extract. We haven’t changed the strain or process for the terpene extract so the profile will be nearly the same as before. Have a great weekend!

      Brandon Beatty
  6. Why are y’all using Kentucky hemp and not Colorado hemp?

  7. I just purchased your sampler Hemp Classic 10 ml bottle. I would like to give it to my 15 year old Pom. I need to measure out 2 mg . Can you tell me how much that would be? I have used Treatables before but he didn’t like the taste of them so I’ll try to shoot it in his mouth. Thanks and good luck!

  8. I’ve purchased your hemp crystals and have incorporated that into my salves. I was just reading up on the newest blog write up on leafly and it sounds ify – almost like the government wants to include hemp CBD with marijuana and regulate with laws and licensing like marijuana – or at least that is the direction the government wants to take in the near future. By purchasing your CBD crystals and incorporating them into my products – will that keep me from future government involvement? I want to start marketing/selling my salves, but don’t want to run into future licensing issues.

    I love that you can now grow in the US and that you are certified organic. AWESOME!!!
    Your hemp CBD complete has done amazing for me and I’m excited to start sharing with those I love.

    Thanks for your time.

  9. If you suffered from anxiety and depression which of your products would you use?

  10. Are your products GMO free?

    • Yes, they are GMO-free. There are currently zerp GMO hemp/cannabis products on the market. Other companies market their products as GMO-free but we don’t since there’s currently no such thing on the marketplace.

      Brandon Beatty
  11. Can I come work with these farmers? How would i get in touch with them?
    Thank you!

  12. Darlene Milam-Chisenhall March 13, 2017 at 5:23 pm Reply

    What’s the best way to take this?

  13. What is the best product for pain relief for chronic back pain?

  14. I continue to be extremely happy w your 6x hemp oil. Its outstanding. Thank you for bringing healing to others!

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