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CBD Vape Oil & Set

CBD Vape Products

CBD Vape Oil Ingredients

1) +99% Pure CBD 2) Vegetable Glycerin 3) Propylene Glycol


50+mg CBD in 1.5ml tank of vape oil / 333+mg CBD in 10ml bottle of vape oil.

CBD Vaporizer Set

Hardware for the vape set is made by Kangertech, and comes in purple or black. Comes with a battery, 1.6ml atomizer filled with CBD vape juice (50+mg cannabinoids), zipper case, usb charger, and wall charger.

Vaporizer Set Instructions


Vaping CBD may be done in conjunction with our ingestible hemp extracts, or by itself. There is not enough research on vaporizing CBD oil to give any general advice concerning how much to use, frequency of use, etc. We ourselves will inhale the vapor as desired, with no particular regimen.†

Cannabidiol, and the isolated form of it used in our vape blend, is a naturally occurring constituent of agricultural hemp. Our hemp and CBD products are made from an extremely potent and well rounded hemp cultivar. Our products are constantly analyzed for their potency and purity from potential contaminants.

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Steven Ostrom (Head of Data & Analytics) and Brandon Beatty (Founder & CEO) configuring our CO2 extraction system


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