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We specialize in high content cannabidiol (CBD oil) products and also carry some of the worlds most potent superfoods.

To be truly efficient we need clean bodies built on clean energy sources. Energy not from nervous-system stressing stimulants but from true sources of vitality than can deepen our long term energy reserves and help maximize our lives. Energy from sources that can promote longevity, health, fertility, and quality of life. Everything we do requires an expenditure of stored energy and if we have more of it we can increase our overall functioning and health.  

In today's world we are unfortunately bombarded with dangerous chemicals and electromagnetic smog on a consistent basis, and combined with sometimes unhealthy lifestyles this leaves people vulnerable to many physiological and psychological imbalances. Despite this we have found that there are many natural remedies which can potentially help serve our long term health and happiness. After years of research and passionately following the general subject of wellness we have decided to unleash into the modern world a small arsenal of potent plant allies that we find can be of utmost help in increasing energy and health levels. We have found through much research that the plants we carry can all potentially aid in the process of detoxification, balancing, and fortification of the whole human system. 

Hemp CBD oil, Shilajit Extact Powder, Pine Pollen Tincture, Pine Pollen Powder, Tea Pollen, and Ant extract powder are all herbal remedies we have a personal history with, and have a profound respect for. The phyto-chemical makeup of each plant is vast and complex. Each one is composed of a very comprehensive source of nutrients and phyto-consituents considered to be very healing.


At Bluebird Botanicals our mission is to make a positive impact on humanity and the world, one order at a time. Our strict sourcing and business practices are designed to have minimal negative impact on the environment, while our products themselves are intended to be of the highest quality plant supplements. We use biodegradable corn starch peanuts for packing material, 100% recycled paper for receipts and anything else we need to print, and have sustainable farming and harvesting of our products with a personal and fair relationship with the farmer, importing minimally to reduce energy waste. We came to offer these particular items because of our love and respect for each one, and out of love and respect to the world and you we try and distribute them in the most sustainable form we can.

To learn about Shilajit Extract, Pine Pollen Powder, Pine Pollen Tincture, CBD oil (cannabidiol), Tea Pollen Powder, and Ant Extract Powder you can click the different tabs at the top of this home page. Our web site and store are simple and secure, and we encourage you to browse hassle free. Thanks for visiting!

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